Overview: Edit

The First Empire was a civilization in historic Southfield. Much is unknown about their civilization, culture, or origins. However, through excavations of their ancient cities, scribes at the Capitol Citadel were able to piece together a small report sized novel on the First People and their old empire. But, still, we know almost nothing of them: one of the most influential peoples in Southfield history.

People: Edit

The First People are of unknown origin.

It is commonly believed that they landed in Southfield in around 100,000 BE. They were known to be conquerors, and were known to build ships and sail across the seas. It is known that their people shared light brown hair, deep brown eyes and they had pale skin. However, it is unknown how most of these people lived.

Culture: Edit

There is little known of the people's culture.

It is known that they always built their settlements next to the ocean, and were known to be excellent sailors. They were very open in their communities, and many families often lived together in longhouses. They are known to adhere to a council, instead of a single monarch, which sets them apart from most of the other ancient cultures that sprang up across Southfield.

Conquering Southfield: Edit

The First People are responsible for bringing human kind into the lands of Southfield. In around 99,000 BE they sent out settling parties across the seas and set up colonies. They sent people to the Dragon Peninsula and across the Dragon Straits into what is current day Blaziken. They continued their expansion and construction of villages for many years.

It unknown when they moved on from the northern continents and into the interiors of the region, but eventually they had people settled on all the lands of current day Southfield, save the Southern Continent. It is unknown why they did not invade this land, but there have been many scenarios put forth to explain. The most common theory is that the First People did not have enough forces to settle that land, or possibly they did not see enough value in it.

But at any rate, the First People had their empires and ships. Their empire lasted around 58,000 years until their fall.

Collapse: Edit

The First Empire collapsed around 42,000 BE.

The exact reason for their collapse was unknown. Perhaps to civil war? Perhaps to famine? Perhaps to bankruptcy? At any rate, around 42,000 BE communications between the colonies and the landing site that the First People had made their capital city was lost. Archaeologists have excavated the capital city of the First People, and found no evidence to point to a conclusive answer to the empires demise.

Today, both the empire and it's demise are one of the most fascinating mysteries in Southfield history.